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To operate photo-tours and workshops through the most attractive and unique European sea and land locations to allow photographers creating fine-art images to uplift, encourage, and inspire their audience.



Our photo tours and workshops are addressed to all photographers, from beginners to semi-professional. Beginners can develop their skills through photography workshops learning how to work with professional models and improving digital and analog techniques. Semi-professional photographers can improve their skills during individual photo-shoots in beautiful outdoor locations, like lagoons and beaches surrounded by exotic plants or picturesque hills. The photo tours and workshops usually take the form of 7 days accommodated on yachts. They are an opportunity to explore the most unique places which are usually inaccessible from the mainland.


Who Are We?

Albert Finch

An artist and photographer, a man full of passion and emotion, which he immortalizes using traditional photography on medium format films. His photos show the beauty of the female body in a subtle manner full of sensuality. Albert’s favorite subject is the woman, corporeality and her reaction to a man’s look. He mainly uses the existing light, using chiaroscuro, which gives his photos depth and a unique atmosphere. His photographs have been published in online magazines, such as Dark Beauty Magazine, Modellenland Magazine, B-authentique, SHOT! Magazine, Pentaprism Magazine and many others, as well as being printed in K-Mag, Sensual Photography, CKM, ASF, Magazine, Monogram, and VOLO. Currently, he runs a series of workshops on sensual photography that take place in Polish and European cities (Rome, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen and Zurich).

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Peter Dorfberg

He combines artistic and technical photography interests. His interpretation of art and documentary photography remains a classic approach to aesthetic and timeless vision, with properly framed images and preserved proportions using natural light. These photographic rules are frequently broken in his suggestive and provocative sensual images that invite the observer’s own imaginative references. In portrait and editorial photography, he aspires to create works reflecting the beauty, elegance and mystery of the integrated entities of the soul and body, with a view to illustrating their innermost fantasies and desires, portrayed in a sensual way. In the field of documentary photography, he takes close portraits, generally using a wide-angle lens, enabling direct penetration into the photographed world, in order to outline the ethereal and emotional nature of people. While traveling extensively and visiting many countries worldwide, he has interacted with ordinary people in all their facets, including social and cultural backgrounds. He works on a digital medium using photo-essays, although in specific fine-art projects he applies an analog medium, which, as an old form of communication, conveys emotions in a more neutral and raw form.

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